Admissions and Aid

Museum Studies Certificate


Students accepted into the program usually have a 3.0 or higher undergraduate grade-point average; a strong letter of recommendation; and a well-written, concise personal statement (two to three pages in length) offering a persuasive reason for joining the certificate program. The committee also looks favorably on candidates who have museum experience, either paid or volunteer, to demonstrate knowledge of the inner-workings of a museum.

We do not conduct interviews as part of the application process.

Museum Studies certificate program is located within the Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. For more details about the application requirements, visit the Graduate Admissions website for the Museum Studies certificate

Application Requirements

Domestic applicants must apply by August 1 for the fall semester.

GRE scores are not required for the Museum Studies certificate program. If you do have GRE scores, you may submit them with your application for admission.

Only one letter of recommendation is required. It should address your ability to thrive in an academic environment. It is up to you to decide whether to ask a teacher or a supervisor to write the letter. You may submit additional letters of recommendation.

The certificate programs requires that you have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree but it does not need to be in a field related to the museum studies program. However, if you plan on applying to a master's degree at Tufts at a later date, the department may require specific undergraduate work.

Make sure to submit all transcripts for which you received a degree with your application. It is not unusual for certificate students to have advanced degrees.

Notification and Transfers

Applicants who apply to the August 1 deadline will be notified of their decision within two to three weeks from the time that they submit their application.

Transfer of non-Tufts courses to the certificate program is not permitted.

Certificate students interested in enrolling in one of the museum studies graduate programs must apply to the program. Each department handles admissions to its own graduate programs. If you are accepted into an MA program, up to four museum studies courses can be transferred and will count towards your degree requirements.

Applying to a Museum Studies Master's Program

Please see the Graduate Admissions website for more details about applying to the MA in Art History and Museum Studies, the MA in History and Museum Studies, the MA in Museum Education, and the MFA and Museum Studies.