Jamie Kaplowitz (G'09), Education Associate and Museum Learning Specialist at the Addison Gallery of American Art helps students curate their own narratives using the museum’s works of art.

Why choose Tufts to prepare for a museum career?

Today's museum professionals are creative problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders. They understand collections, audiences, and how to tell stories. They facilitate visitors' understanding of the past, present, and future through interactions with material objects and scholarship using face-to-face encounters and technological tools.

At Tufts, you'll study with museum professionals who understand this. We operate on the cutting edge of museum practice, combining deep experience with a wider knowledge of issues and trends in the field.

Over the past twenty-five years, our museum studies program has built a strong reputation for helping graduates to develop their careers and hit the ground running in museum jobs.

Tufts is located in a region rich in museums. Coursework often draws upon these resources, and students easily find internships and volunteer opportunities, which helps them build their professional expertise and networks.

My prior experience was from an art museum perspective, an arena where care, and even veneration, of collections is a primary focus. At Tufts, exposure beyond the art museum context has led me to view museum collections less in terms of individual objects of aesthetic curiosity, and more as physical placeholders for an infinite array of meanings.

I now have a much deeper understanding of how institutional decisions can quite literally affect human lives.

Morgan Davidson, Art History and Museum Studies