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Offer a Practicum

As a Tufts Museum Studies alumna/alumnus, you know the value of practicums (formerly the internship)—and you know the program. Consider formulating a practicum experience and serving as a site supervisor for a current student.

Practicums provide museum studies students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and perspective acquired in courses to actual museum work. The 125-hour practicum is a professional experience in which both the student and the host site gain through a mutually beneficial relationship.

A well-designed practicum enables the student to contribute to a specific project and to participate in the day-to-day tasks that arise. As a professional-in-training, the student conducting the practicum should have wider exposure to the museum than an entry-level staff member or volunteer normally would. Practicums can be paid or unpaid, but all require a site supervisor who can guide and mentor the student.

Tufts Museum Studies Program interns have worked with administrators, curators, collection managers, archivists, conservators, educators, development and marketing specialists, and exhibition developers.

Practicums are completed during one or two semesters, and start and end dates do not need to conform to the academic calendar.

For more information contact Cynthia Robinson.